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How do you write a letter of notice to your landlord?
How do you write a letter of notice to your landlord?You didn’t say what reason you’re giving notice, but I’m going to assume that you’re either on a month-to-month lease or your lease is ending. ALWAYS be nice to the landlord when moving out because you never know when you’ll need a reference.Dear insert name,This letter is to advise you that I am giving you my 30-day notice of vacating the premises, as set forth in my lease. I shall be fully out of the apartment, house, etc on give date the place will be empty.I have enjoyed being your tenant for the last insert time period, but I am moving give reason - bought a house, need to be closer to work, leaving townMy lease requires that I have the carpets professionally cleaned before our walk-through. Please let me know if you have a particular company you recommend. I can be available to do the walk-through at any time on give date when you can be there and the property will be empty and will return the keys and anything else you need to return at that time.Thank you for all your considerations during my time as your tenant.
Do I have to give notice to my landlord before I vacate in India? How many days is the norm?
Yes, you have to give notice before vacating. The notice period & method is clearly defined in the rent or lease agreement. If such a formal agreement does not exist, ask the landlord how much notice they need and in what form.In case of verbal residential agreements, the norm is usually a months notice in verbal or written form if the landlord is the formal types.
Does a landlord need to give a 30 day vacate notice before proceeding to evict?
It may depend on the state where you live, and on the situation.In Texas, only 3 full days are required• the landlord can file on the fourth day if he wants.If you are month-to-month AND you have done nothing wrong, the landlord can require you to move by giving at least 30-days notice. It can be for any reason or no reason at all. You are a Tenant At Sufferance.But if you have done anything wrong (like late rent), that’s out the window and he’s back to an immediate 3-day eviction notice.If you’re willing to get all your belongings stacked at the curb by strangers, and have a judgment against you for 10 years, you can wait out the entire eviction process, which takes about six weeks in Texas.Once you have failed to comply with a 3-day eviction notice and a suit is filed, it moves forward after that, even if you pay up everything you owe while waiting for trial or move out while waiting.In some other states, putting you and all you own out to the curb takes significantly longer, but you still have the downsides mentioned above when the dust settles.
Am I allowed to rent again after landlord sends "notice to vacate" without giving specific reasons?
If you’re asking whether or not another landlord will rent to you, that would depend on the other landlord, IF he knew about it.If you got a Notice To Vacate, AND you complied with it, within it’s timeframe, then no suit is filed. Nothing is a matter of public record at that point. The only way your new landlord would even know you ever got an eviction notice would be if you told him, or your former landlord told him.A Notice To Vacate is the basis of an eviction suit, but at the time you receive it, it is nothing more than a formal letter from the landlord, demanding something. If you comply with it, you kill it.But nothing is a matter of public record. If you and the landlord come to some kind of agreement, the notice simply goes away. That agreement may be that you high-tail it on out of the property, or that you pay money, or both.In Texas, at least, a Notice To Vacate does not have to state a specific reason.Mine do (a simple one-sentence statement my landlord client gives me) but it’s not legally required.The notice must demand possession, in no uncertain terms, and pra date by which you must comply.That date can be as little as 3 days in the future, unless there is a lease that specifies a longer or shorter time.For instance, the Texas Association Of Realtors has a lease that says you can be required to be moved out and turn in the keys in ONE full day.If you don’t do it, the landlord can file an eviction suit the next morning, if they want.THAT is the point where future landlords get access to the fact that you had an eviction suit filed against you.
Does a landlord have to issue a written 30 day notice to vacate prior to eviction in ny state?
I've never been licenced in NY State. Each state has different landlord/ tenant laws. You can call the New York attorney Generals Office they have a division that deals with landlord/tenant issues. Only an attorney can give you legal advice. Your rental agreement should have a section to address this. Generally if you're late with the rent the landlord can file a notice to pay or quit as a first step bit if this has been an ongoing issue the landlord generally can move straight to eviction. It would normally be handled by a housing court or local court or through mediation but each state is different. This is why you really need the proper legal advice of a local attorney.
How can I get my name off of a month-to-month co-tenant lease? Three out of four tenants have vacated the property and given notice to the landlord, but the landlord refuses to take our name off of the lease. This is a rent controlled area.
Give him 30 days registered letter and say see ya. After you do that it ceases to be a lease so whether or not he wants to he cant have a lease full of people who have gone with notice and turned in the key remember to give keys back ….if its rent controlled which i am not familar ' i can't see it being hard at all to get another person in• not your problem though, notice , keys gone.
Can a landlord charge you prorated rent if he/she gives you a 60 day notice to vacate because he wants to sell the property and you move out prior to 60 days because another unit was available?
Not to be boring but here is my same answer - again - CHECK YOUR WRITTEN LEASE. The Landlord may do whatever you agreed to when you signed the Lease. In a good Lease, the details for Early Termination by Landlord are spelled out completely so everyone knows what their responsibilities are before signing a binding Legal Document. From Georgia Association of REALTORs Lease:The Landlord, in this Lease model, demonstrates courtesy to Tenant by compensating the Tenant for the disruption when asking the Tenant to leave early. Not all Leases are the same.The details of your Lease may be different if the Landlord expects you to pay for each day your are using the property. Hope it works out for you. LynnPS If you ever sign a Lease or a Purchase document with us, you will be asked to initial EVERY PAGE, not just sign at the end. If you are going to enter into a LEGAL and BINDING AGREEMENT with us, your initials on each page “prove” that you read every page as requested to do before signing.Do all our Tenants or Buyers actually read everything? I don’t know but by initialing each page, the Tenants or Buyers are verifying that they have read each page. L.
Is it legal for an apartment landlord to not recognize my intent to vacate notice due to domestic violence?
Landlords don’t want to know about or get involved with the domestic or familial issues of their tenants. They care only about their rental income and compliance with lease terms.Removing a name from a lease means one less tenant responsible for the lease, regardless of who may actually be living there. That puts the landlord in a weaker position with respect to the number of people who are responsible for the lease.Unless the laws of your state require a landlord to permit a tenant to be released from a lease due to domestic violence then it is legal for a landlord not to recognize your “intent to vacate” notice.No notice of intent to vacate is necessary when your lease is set to expire, since the expiration date of the lease itself is “notice” that the tenant(s) will vacate on or before that date.
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