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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 30 day notice to landlord california

Instructions and Help about 30 day notice to landlord california

Hi I'm patty with action 1 properties and I want to talk to you today about serving notices to your tenants the first notice we're going to talk about is the three day notice the three day notice would be used if a tenant does not pay their rent you would serve this notice and give them three days to pay their rent or quit which means that they have three days to pay their rent or they would have to move out of the property the next notice would be a 30 day notice and you would use a 30 day notice to ask a tenant to leave a property at the end of their lease or if they're on a month month tenancy or you can use a 30 day notice to raise their rent however if the rent increase is more than 10% you would have to serve a 60 day notice or if the tenant has been in the property for more than 365 days you would give them a 60 day notice to vacate keep in mind that if you have a tenant that's a section 8 tenant or has a housing voucher some of the housing authorities require 90 day notices for rent increases or notices to vacate and then there's also the 24-hour notice if you need to visit the property for any reason to do a repair or change a smoke detector or do some sort of inspection you have to give the tenant a 24 hour written notice notices can be served in many ways you would need to serve the notice in person or tape it to the front door or mailed the notice to the tenant and sometimes the notice has to be sent by certified mail if you have any more questions about this subject please feel free to give us a call thanks for listening and have a great day.


Regarding the California landlord-tenant laws, can a cohabitant violation of their No M.A.T.H order constitute grounds for issuing a 3-day-notice-to-quit instead of a 30-day notice?
Regarding the California landlord-tenant laws, can a cohabitant violation of their No M.A.T.H order constitute grounds for issuing a 3-day-notice-to-quit instead of a 30-day notice? Is it against the law in California if a landlord hides the fact that a place is only available for 60 days when signing a month-to-month lease and then gives the new tenant a 30-day notice to vacate after he has moved in for only 30 days? In California, if I give my landlord 30 days notice in the middle of the month, does the lease end in the middle of next month or is it still the end of next month, considering I have lived here for more than one year? Do I legally have to give a 30-day notice or pay the difference to my landlord if I do not have a lease? This means just monthly rent and no written or verbal contracts, security deposit, etc. I live in California. I live in an apartment in California and my landlord will not make a repair since I put in my 30 day vacate notice, & said I'm liable. Is that legal? How would you react if your landlord knocked on your door and told you that you have 30 days to move out because her son needs to move in while he renovates his new home? If on month-to-month rent and your landlord raises your rent by 25%, do you have to prwritten intent to vacate, or can you just leave because you won't accept the new terms? What are the rules or laws about rent increase amounts in Texas? I had heard rent could only be increased 5% on to a new lease of the same apartment. Is it legal for an apartment complex to kick out every single tenant with a 60-day notice while expecting all the tenants to pay rent up until the last month without giving any kind of assistance?
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