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How can I get my name off of a month-to-month co-tenant lease? Three out of four tenants have vacated the property and given notice to the landlord, but the landlord refuses to take our name off of the lease. This is a rent controlled area.
Give him 30 days registered letter and say see ya. After you do that it ceases to be a lease so whether or not he wants to he cant have a lease full of people who have gone with notice and turned in the key remember to give keys back ….if its rent controlled which i am not familar ' i can't see it being hard at all to get another person in‡ not your problem though, notice , keys gone.
Renting in New York City: How many weeks of notice prior to the expiry of a lease is a landlord required to give a tenant that they do not intend to offer a renewal of the lease agreement, if any?
If the lease is not subject to rent regulation, there is no requirement for a landlord to offer a renewal lease or inform the tenant that a renewal will or will not not be offered. If the lease is subject to rent regulation, a renewal must be offered. The renewal offer must be delivered to the tenant not more than 150 days and not less than 90 days prior to lease expiration.
When tenants give landlords 30-60 day written notice that they'll pull out of the lease, are they required by law to find replacement tenants?
let me speak from the perspective of southern florida‡ we have multiple answersif I made the lease:if you were a nasty person to me —-then on page 8 or 9 it state’s you’ll pay 2 months worth of damages for breaking the lease. thanks for giving me the heads up. and you still won’t get your security deposit back unless I first get into the unit. and I will get the 2 months for sure.If you were human to me —-then I’ll chat with you about page 8 or 9, and ask you for reasonable access to get a tenant. most likely I’ll find one on time, and you’ll eat the commision I had to pay to get it rented and since I had access, all of your security deposit is returned because I pointed out the damage that was fixable and you fixed it.most tenants understand the issues, so they will get a replacement tenant with the right qualification, and you won’t get a bill for lease terms breakage.
How can a landlord collect rent & damages from a tenant who moved out before lease was up & left tons of damages (and did not leave a forwarding address)?
If the tenant left before end of contract, you can forfeit all depositsYou already got deposits. So that is yours. And with this, you can cover it.Landlord take risksTenants also take risks. The both side .If everyone in the world is so good people, we do not need it but not that in reality. There are bad landlords and tenants.That is why we all have a rule. And the both take risk too.So, the balance is made with deposit.If you are bad landlord, you will not return the deposit to tenant. Even tenant do anything wrong. But it happened. So Tenant decide which way is better for him. Sue you and bring you to court? Or think I am not lucky! so just give up.If the tenant is bad, you also keep his deposit and do not return it. So it is fair. If you decide to go to curt, yes you can. or you just think I am not luck so I just give up. Always the same.That is why landlord take deposits for sure and also tenant take your house for use. Unfortunately, the tenant used your house in wrong way which you do not like or feel damaged. This is your risk as landlord. But you still have his deposit. Do not panic too much.Also, that is why tenant also has right to use the house in his own way. Because sometimes, if landlord is bad, his deposit can not be return. If he is not lucky. So that is also tenant’s risk. He can lose his money. Well, fair is anyway. The both side have their own risks.Sadly, it is true that more and more people get crazy and such crazy people kill normal and good people.
How much time does a landlord in New York City have to give for a tenant to move out if the tenant does not have a lease?
I once accompanied a friend of mine who was a landlord in New York City and wanted to give notice to a tenant who did not have a lease to get out. He walked up him, pointed a gun to his head and cocked the gun. He told the tenant he had one New York minute to get out. The tenant moved out is less than a minute but what left me puzzled was why he would leave without taking all his belongings. All I know is that particular tenant never did come back.To get more accurate and reliable information check with the local housing department, an attorney, and sometimes the city’s main website as they frequently reference local Landlord Tenant Laws. You may find local Landlord Tenant laws listed separately but that is where to find out.
Landlords: How do I get a tenant to peacefully vacate the property at the end of their lease?
2) is a bad idea.  If you don't like them, they don't like you, then don't renew the lease.  Don't tread lightly.  If he has figured out that he can do what he has been doing in the past, and you'll still renew the lease, then he'll do it in the future.1) you don't renew the lease.  If they stay, then you just go through the proper process for eviction.  Make sure the insurance is paid.  In the extremely unlikely event that force has to be used, then it's the sheriff that does on the work.  In practice, I've never found it necessary since once the sheriff posts a message saying that they will be there on day X, people always move out on day X-1.Finally, if you have a contentious relationships with the tenant, avoid any contact whenever possible.  Do everything you can to abide by the lease, but do not contact the tenant at all.  It's better for both of you.  In fact, in cases where I've found myself not getting along with a tenant, I've stopped talking to them had had someone else who they haven't had bad relations with, do all of the talking.
When a tenant gives a notice of termination before the end of term, but after agreeing to renew the lease term, can I force the tenants‡ rent?
So what happened was that the tenant renewed the lease, thus giving you ~14 months of tenancy, and then 5 weeks later terminated that lease, with 13.5 months until the end.So..what can you do? Make an active effort to release the apartment, then if say you had it vacant for 1 or 2 months, you would be able to charge the old tenant for that missing rent.Legally you are entitled to all the money in the lease that the tenant renewed, however a court will not allow you to collect two rents for the same month for the same apartment, also if you make no effort to rent out the place, the judge will probably not allow you to sue the old tenant. (So print out any adds you have for the apt)
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