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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing landlord to tenant sample letters

Instructions and Help about landlord to tenant sample letters

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How much time does a landlord have to give a tenant to move out?
Generally speaking, when the lease expires it becomes a month to month tenancy with the same provisions as the lease (amount of rent, obligations etc).Here the rule is thirty days if no renewal is offered and a month to month is not agreeable to the landlord (rare).If it is an eviction notice (the one grace the law grants LLs here) it depends on the notice. If you assault (verbally or physically) the landlord or are actively damaging the property you get a 24 hour notice. I never had the misfortune to ever have to post one of those.A notice of Substantial Breach gives fourteen days from the date it was posted for the tenant to vacate the premises. It is given when a pattern of violations occur (multiple late payments, partial payments, violations of various clauses within the lease.The pay or quit gives thirty days for a tenant to either pay the unpaid rent and bring the account up to date or leave.Here leases must contain the phrase ‘may be terminated by either party with thirty days written notice ‘.So, absent a tenant who chooses to fight an eviction, which brings in the courts (here) it can be anywhere from one day for a violent thug to thirty days for someone falling behind on their bills.Most tenants don’t fight eviction here for the simple reason that when you avoid the courts you avoid the official record showing your evictions. Most landlords want nothing more to do with a tenant who forced them to evict, so do not make it public that the tenant was evicted .
How much time does a landlord in New York City have to give for a tenant to move out if the tenant does not have a lease?
I once accompanied a friend of mine who was a landlord in New York City and wanted to give notice to a tenant who did not have a lease to get out. He walked up him, pointed a gun to his head and cocked the gun. He told the tenant he had one New York minute to get out. The tenant moved out is less than a minute but what left me puzzled was why he would leave without taking all his belongings. All I know is that particular tenant never did come back.To get more accurate and reliable information check with the local housing department, an attorney, and sometimes the city’s main website as they frequently reference local Landlord Tenant Laws. You may find local Landlord Tenant laws listed separately but that is where to find out.
How many days does a tenant have to move out if the landlord is selling the property?
How many days does a tenant have to move out if the landlord is selling the property?The sale of the property doesn’t affect the lease at all. The tenant gets to stay until the end of the lease. He/she simply starts paying his rent to the new owner.As for the new purchaser: He/she is bound by the terms and conditions of the existing lease. If the lease runs until December 31 and the sale closes on March 31, The purchaser has a built-in tenant for the next 9 months.Of course the new purchaser and tenant can agree on an early exit, generally with a the owner making a payment to the tenant. Or the existing/selling landlord can negotiate with the tenant on early termination. But the tenant is in the driver’s seat. He/she does not have to move out if the landlord sells the property.However, if there’s a provision in the current lease that’s applicable in the event of the sale of the property, then that provision does apply. Otherwise, though, there’s no requirement that the tenant depart before the end of the lease.
How can a landlord force tenants out of an illegal rental if the landlord sold the house and the tenants refuse to leave?
The new property owner would be the one to begin eviction proceedings by providing a notice to quit (as long as there isn’t an existing lease agreement in effect from the previous landlord). If so, then it depends on the state’s laws regarding such a transfer of ownership. Some states allow for a 60 day notice to be served, but require the new owner to intend on occupying the property as his or her primary residence for at least 6 months.To learn more about the laws of your state regarding rental property ownership changes, visit the following resource:American Landlord - Landlord-Tenant Laws, Articles, Videos, and More.
If a roommate of a 3 bedroom house/apartment leaves who is responsible to fill the position? The tenant or the landlord?
I've no clue, except there are multilevel types of leases. As well as landlords . I don't know what state or county or city or rural town you live in. Every state & every landlord as well as leases. Check with your State's legislators
Can a landlord deduct $50 from a tenant's security deposit as a fee to perform the move out inspection?
No. It might be a threat to get you to show - many tenants prefer not to bother and the landlord inspects the property, filling out his final condition report with no one to explain what he sees. No mitigation is offered and the absence of the tenant is de facto admission that damage will be found.He cannot deduct for normal wear and tear. Be there and explain everything. He will probably find damage as it is a rare tenant who leaves everything pristine and perfect. I like those.Charging for one of the duties he must perform is ridiculous. It is simply not done.
Is it legal for Landlord to ask the tenant to find out a new tenant and collect the advance amount of Rs.2 lakhs from them, while vacating?
Mostly landlords have made a fixed deposit of the security deposit that they took from you.Now they can't break their FD because it is fixed for a tenure(5+ years)So they'll ask you to get another tenant and take the security deposit that you submitted from them. Now this is actually the best way to get your 100% security deposit back, because usually if you take your security deposit back from the owner they would deduct a lot of charges and you'll be getting around 60% - 70% of your security deposit.It's a win win for both the parties.Legal or illegal should depend on how rental agreement has been made, so you should have a look at it.